Case Study #2

Streamlining Human Resources

“We are a Toronto-based company managed and run by US-based executives. We do not have a warm body available to keep up with the provincial regulations and local rules to stay compliant. This is where PEO Canada comes into the picture. Partnering with PEO Canada is a strategic move that allowed HR to run itself so we can focus on being an effective HR Business Partner.” – Budith P.

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Business Needs & Background

This client was in search of a service provider capable of offering comprehensive employment administration, including payroll management, employment documentation, government program enrolment, basic benefit administration, and more. Their objective was to establish and maintain an efficient human resource infrastructure that would support their business growth in the Canadian market.


Solutions Provided

We recognized the immediate need for a Payroll/Benefits Human Resources Information System (HRIS). After completing a full analysis of the company, we implemented a project plan that included the following solutions: implementation and transition services, HR technology implementation, and human resources administration.


With our solutions in place, the client is equipped to transition their employees efficiently and maintain a system capable of accommodating their long-term company growth. Furthermore, employees can take comfort in knowing that their interests and the company’s success are supported by PEO Canada’s commitment to minimizing risks and liabilities associated with employment standards and common Canadian operating practices.