Case Study #3

A Venture Into the Canadian Market

“Overwhelmingly pleased with PEO Canada and the level of service provided. I am very big on building relationships, and the PEO Canada team really understands our business and culture and I appreciate the partnership.” – Samuel H.

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Business Needs & Background

This client was expanding into the Canadian marketplace, where they aimed to introduce a new service offering. As a first-time entrant into the Canadian market, they were confronted with the unfamiliar territory of Canadian laws and regulations. Their goal was to establish a partnership with a provider that could offer the necessary support and guidance to navigate this expansion successfully and ensure compliance with federal and provincial legislation and benefits requirements.

Solutions Provided

We supported them by providing a total employee management solution that allowed the client to focus on the strategic goals and revenue generating aspects of their business. They were also attracted to PEO Canada because we offer everything under one umbrella. We were able to help them understand and navigate the Canadian healthcare system as they set up a benefits program in addition to taking over payroll management. 


Prior to working with PEO, this client had had a negative experience with a law firm so at the top of their list of requirements was a company with responsive communication and excellent customer service. Over the years, they’ve been impressed with our responsiveness, the fact they have direct contacts for each service area, and our willingness to work with them on unique situations and come up with solutions.