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hr companies

A Bespoke Offering for Your Business

At PEO Canada, we understand that every enterprise has unique needs.

That’s why we’ve developed the PEO Lite Solution – a solution for companies seeking assistance with specific employee functions to help maintain and support their existing structure. Whether your business is in transition, requires temporary support, or has outgrown its current payroll and employee resource capabilities, PEO Lite provides the ideal solution to bridge the gap. Explore how our specialists can help lighten your load, ensuring your workforce functions seamlessly and efficiently.

What’s Offered
As Part of Our
Lite Plan

What’s Offered As Part of Our Lite Plan

For professional payroll administration, trust PEO Canada. From direct deposit to T4/RL1 statements, our trained professionals and state-of-the-art software help with maintaining accuracy, compliance, and timely processing.


Streamline workers’ compensation management with PEO Canada. We handle claims, modified-duties programs, and more. Reduce liabilities, meet standards, and stay compliant— effortlessly with PEO Canada.


Find the right talent with PEO Canada. We can help you find individuals who align with your company’s unique culture and values. Our recruitment solutions prioritize cultural fit, resulting in outstanding candidate retention rates and proven success, hire after hire.


Why Choose

PEO Lite

PEO Canada’s PEO Lite Solution is ideal for those pivotal moments in your business journey. This flexible plan is designed for companies with specific HR needs, offering just the right level of support without overwhelming your existing team. Whether you’re in a transitional phase, require temporary assistance, or need to optimize your payroll and employee resources, PEO Lite bridges the gap. Choose PEO Lite for its streamlined and strategic approach that ensures your HR operations run smoothly, letting you concentrate on your core business objectives and future growth without the hassle.

hr companies

Enhance HR Efficiency

PEO Lite optimizes administrative processes, allowing you to allocate your existing team resources more strategically. We streamline payroll and WCB, helping you to increase overall efficiency.

hr companies

Minimize Administrative Load

Our PEO Lite Solution lightens the administrative burden on your HR department. We take care of complex tasks and help you navigate compliance concerns.

hr companies

Streamline Talent Acquisition

Elevate your recruitment efforts with PEO Lite. We drive success with high retention rates and outstanding hiring results to help acquisition run smoothly.

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