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Our Story

In 1997, we set out with a mission to revolutionize how businesses handle their human resource functions.

Starting with a traditional Professional Employer Organization employer of record (EOR) model, we supported our client’s payroll needs by processing all pay and source deduction transactions under our own business number. Next came the successive additions of our Group Benefits Association Plan, Human Resource Consulting, and Workers Compensation Administration programs.

As the unique needs of our client partners expanded and the Canadian employment and tax landscape evolved, we saw a greater need for diversification. Following a series of audits and consultations with governing legislative entities, including the Canada Revenue Agency, Revenu Québec, and Provincial Worker’s Compensation Boards, PEO Canada moved to an Administrative Services Only (ASO) or Third Party Administrator (TPA) platform.

This shift allowed our client partners to utilize the employer payroll tax thresholds and benefits applicable to their unique business and identify with their own industry classifications for workers compensation insurance. Essentially, this evolution added value for their organizations without the additional administrative workload.

As one of the foremost HR outsourced employee administration companies in North America, our experience in the human resources industry has given us valuable insights and extensive knowledge of corporate cultures. We have earned a solid reputation for finding solutions that not only enhance the employee experience and mitigate risk for the employer but enable leaders to refocus on the high-level elements of their business.

Today, we continue to provide seamless and comprehensive human resource services with the support of our professional team and our numerous affiliations in the international marketplace.

Why PEO Canada

Do you remember when you had so much time to work on your company goals, but now training, payroll, liabilities, benefits, WCB, legislation, and ever-evolving labor and employment laws consume the majority of your time? The great news is at PEO Canada, all those stressful, time-consuming essentials are our passion and what we do best.

Join us in a partnership where we both get to do what we love. By partnering with our passionate, educated team of professionals in payroll, human resources, WCB, and benefits services, you can regain your focus and fall back in love with your business. PEO Canada takes pride in creating a genuine partnership experience that assists you with compliance while mitigating risk.

PEO Canada streamlines your employment infrastructure, reducing legal and financial liabilities by educating you through compliance decisions. We mitigate risks, so you can build on a foundation of secure, responsible HR management.

PEO Canada elevates your company’s appeal by offering competitive employee benefits packages. Attract and retain top talent with comprehensive benefits plans, empowering your team and enhancing their well-being.

We handle all of the intricate and time-consuming aspects of HR, freeing you to focus on your core business goals. Say goodbye to administrative hassles, and rest easy knowing your HR tasks are being expertly handled.

Time is money, and we help you save both. PEO Canada’s efficient solutions reduce the time spent on HR tasks and cut costs, boosting your bottom line all while enhancing HR management and administration.

Our seasoned professionals bring unparalleled HR expertise to your organization. Benefit from a broader HR knowledge base with top-tier HR management practices and solutions.

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Our Security Commitment

We place paramount importance on security and confidentiality. We have been a certified member of the International Standards Organization (ISO) in the past. Currently we follow our own Quality Service System (QSS) that is audited by two professionals, bound to and guided by our corporate mission.

PEO Canada is committed to the safety and security of all confidential material, physical and electronic, in compliance with government legislation, both Provincial and Federal.

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At PEO Canada, we’re driven by our passion for excellence. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering top-quality services, from payroll administration to HR support. We believe in exceeding expectations and helping your business succeed. Learn more about our team and meet the people behind our commitment to excellence.

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