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We are able to offer additional services to our clients utilizing our in-house expertise or our numerous affiliations in the international marketplace.

Our experienced professionals and trusted affiliates are equipped to assist you in a variety of areas, from supporting a safe and drug-free workplace to handling complex HR matters. Whether we provide services in-house or through a trusted third-party, we are here to support our clients with all aspects of their employee management needs with an all-encompassing solution.

We Provide Support With:

We Provide Support With:

Ensure a safe and productive workplace by implementing rigorous testing, promoting employee well-being, and adhering to regulatory standards.

Make informed hiring decisions, reduce risks, and safeguard your organization’s reputation by verifying the backgrounds of potential employees.

Identify and leverage the strengths of your workforce, enhance training programs, and align skill sets with your business objectives for increased efficiency.

Quickly adapt to changing staffing requirements, address seasonal demands, and access specialized expertise with temporary staffing solutions.

If you require assistance with a service not listed o our website, you can still  reach out to PEO Canada. Our team members have diverse backgrounds and are knowledgeable in many HR-adjacent topics. We may also refer you to one of our trusted referral partners.