Case Study #4

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

“I just wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude & appreciation to my entire PEO Canada team for the exceptional and professional customer and payroll/HR/benefits and all-around any issue I had experience that I enjoyed while being a PEO Canada client. As a very small US-based employer, the prospects of extending my footprint into Canada was initially daunting. My PEO Canada team immediately eliminated all my trepidation and impressed me with their experience, expertise, responsiveness, and patience. I wish all organizations I partner with were as amazing to work with as you are, and I only wish I could have transferred all my US business needs to you.” – Sheila A.

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Business Needs & Background

This client reached out to PEO Canada for help with a unique situation. They had a single employee working in Vancouver on a work permit that was about to expire. In addition to providing support for this employee, the main goal of the client was to maintain compliance with government standards to minimize risks.

Solutions Provided

We provided a full range of services that included benefit plan administration, payroll , and more. 


Prior counsel from another organization had suggested retaining the employee on the US payroll, under the premise that she resided with her mother. However, the client, upon diligent research and a commitment to ethical standards, discovered that this approach was not in alignment with best practices. PEO Canada was able to suggest a different alternative in accordance with Canadian law and regulations. We continue to support the client in their commitment to ethical business practices.