Always Something – Your New Health Mantra

“Always something” is my latest attitude to maintaining consistency when it comes to my exercise routine.  Consistency is the absolute requirement when it comes to the achievement of any health goal, whether it’s a lofty weight loss number, a Personal Record on a big lift, becoming the star of your beer-league team, or simply to stay healthy.  Consistency can be incredibly difficult, amidst all the other demands on our time.

Finding an activity that you actually like will go a long way towards achieving consistency with exercise.  It’s a great idea to try out different activities to find ones you like.  We need a variety of resistance (weight lifting) and cardiovascular exercise.  If you are new to exercise, or have a health condition, it is wise to seek your doctor’s advice before starting an exercise program.

Canada’s Food Guide recommends that adults accumulate at least 2 ½ hours of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week.  This could equate to half an hour on your lunch break Monday through Friday.  If you’re sitting for most of your workday, lunchtime activities can be a great way to balance out your sedentary lifestyle. Although many fitness professionals would recommend more to achieve the best results possible, 2 ½ hours is a great starting point!

Employers should encourage their employees to get up from their desks throughout the workday, as research suggests a correlation between physical activity levels and productivity.  The greatest barrier to individual employees getting more movement during the workday is in the judgement of non-participants.  For this reason, it is important that employers promote the benefits and acceptance of frequent activity.

Drinking more water throughout the day is great for you, and as an added bonus you will also have to get up more frequently to go to the washroom!

Instead of sending countless emails, or phoning someone who works right by you, walk over to your colleagues’ desks.  This strategy is not only better for your health; it can also be more effective in reaching solutions and great for team dynamics.  We regularly practice this at PEO Canada.

Set reminders to stand up and do a few stretches throughout the day.  Better yet; get your work team together to do this and take turns at leading your colleagues through your favourite movements.

It’s a great time of year to get outside on our lunch breaks, and double up the good effects with a vitamin D boost to go with your daily movement.

Ashleigh McLerie / Employee Administrator / PEO Canada

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