Balancing Disability Management and Privacy

Lately, the group benefits team at PEO Canada has been quite busy with the amount of disability claims coming our way as part of our health and dental insurance. Some of these claims have raised eyebrows from international employers as some do not have the knowledge or understanding of the “rules and regulations” behind group benefit claim management and privacy. The rising costs of absenteeism and disability have compelled many organizations to put a new emphasis on actively managing disability claims and in their organization. More often, this leads to a high level of frustration on the employer’s part as all medical information is considered confidential.

For my part, I’ve noticed that the common denominator seems to be: a breakdown in COMMUNICATION.
In most cases, it is possible for an employer to manage an employee absence by dealing directly with the employee. However, as disability, health and dental insurance claims become more complex and/ or complications arise, many employers can experience frustration due to privacy restrictions.

It’s easier for an employee to provide medical information to their employers when it comes to a medical procedure or straight forward claims as part of health and dental insurance. However, not all employees wish for their employer to know about a mental issue or a non-physical condition in fear that this might come back in the future and haunt them. This particular phase is where the lack of communication often takes place.

As much as insuring the employee’s privacy is maintained, continuing to work with the employer is also key. Collaborating with the employer gives the opportunity to adapt to the situation as well as working towards the employee’s ultimate return to work.

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Corinne Kassee / Benefits Administrator / PEO Canada

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