“Can you please teach us something new in sales?” “Ok, but what do you want to achieve on your sales calls?”

I once had a sales rep respond, when we told them that we were investing in on-going education for them, “can you please teach us something new”?

I am not sure what the team expected as an answer. Were they expecting some panacea, some hidden secret that will get them to success? Certainly there are a lot of people coming into a sales career, or who are struggling in the sales position, that a whole industry has arisen about “secrets to success”.

The amount of literature on successful sales is enormous and people in sales should continue to hone their skills and knowledge through reading, seminars, and continuing education. Staying sharp and at the top of your game is critical to long term continuing success. I encourage every sales professional to read, upgrade and take part in seminars that will keep you excited.

But in the end, little is really new. There are a lot of spins on the same old game. Concepts that Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill put out half a century ago that have been re-worked, revised, and updated to meet a contemporary market are still true today.

So what could I give the team that would help them?

I simply said BAMFAM! Book A Meeting From A Meeting. If there is one thing that I can think of that will help a sales person trying to get direction, remember that statement.

Other than hard work itself, always remember the goal of every contact you have, whether it is a prospecting phone call, a presentation of your great product, or a follow up meeting with your best client, is to book another meeting.

When you make a cold call, do not try to sell them your services on the phone. Book a meeting!

When you make a presentation to a prospective client, don’t go in with the attitude that they have to have a decision so you can move on to the next one. Have the expectation that your presentation will open enough doors to get another meeting.

When you have your quarterly meeting with that client who consistently calls, walk away only when you have next quarter’s meeting booked.

No matter what, if you make this your goal from every contact/call/meeting you make, you will find success. It might be with them or someone they know. It doesn’t matter. If you are successful in that, you will continue to build relationships and what are sales in essence? Relationship building!

Written by: Bill Leesman

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