Celebrating a Fresh Start in the New Year!

Welcome to 2024!  So, what is the action plan for this New Year?

Why not start the year off with a bang?

It’s a new year, the time to review upcoming prospects that were waiting to potentially come on board.  Why not get those meetings finally confirmed and start moving forward with these new and exciting prospects!

Potential clients are looking to get things right this year. It’s a great time to review how you can be of service. Ensure to talk around the areas that have been a struggle during the previous years and this will be a great time to review what their objective is for this New Year.

How to identify the real decision maker: When it comes to pitching a deal, it is important to establish that a lead is qualified and that you are talking to the decision maker of the business.  The decision maker can vary depending on the type of products or services that you are selling.

Many people’s inclination is to go to the top floor to look for the decision maker.  While the president or owner oversees the entire company, it doesn’t mean that they are the audience for your pitch. For example, if you are selling office supplies, the decision maker that you are looking for would likely be the office manager, and not the president of the company.

When you pitch the wrong person and they try to relay your value proposition to the ultimate decision maker, key points can often be lost in a game of corporate telephone.  By pitching to the wrong person, you decrease your likelihood of making the sale.

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