Counter offers are on the rise – the Pro’s and Con’s

As employers and employees we have all heard examples of Companies losing their top performers. It can be frustrating to have one of your key players walk across the street after you have kept them employed during the economic downturn. After all you did to support them through the hard times, how could they leave now?

With the economy heating up in Canada, there is a real possibility of losing those critical employees. Proactively working on strategies will assist with engaging your current workforce.

Prior to panicking and making that employee a counter offer, you may want to read this article and then rethink your strategy. If you are the employee considering the counter offer, you may want to read this as well.

PEO Canada has a team of HR Professionals to assist you with the design and implementation of some proactive strategies prior to losing those valued employees.

Written By: Leanne Suitor, RPR CHRP

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