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Customer Service – Not Just For Customers!

Providing exceptional customer service plays a large role in gaining satisfied and loyal clients. But did you know that applying these skills internally can often result in a satisfied and loyal workforce? The concept of Internal Customer Service may seem like common sense, but sometimes the hustle and bustle of a busy day gets the better of us, and can lead to missed deadlines or unanswered emails. Here are some reminders to ensure your internal customers are getting the same exceptional treatment as your external customers:

  • Being present in their presence: When attending a meeting with a client, you would never think to scroll through your Twitter feed, or check your personal email. You would be giving them your full attention and listening intently to what they need from you. The same should apply for your weekly department meeting, or if a coworker approaches you with a question. Simply turning away from your monitor, or opening your notebook to write something down, shows that you are taking an avid interest in what your coworkers need from you.
  • Email etiquette: Some companies may have a “best practice” to respond to client emails within a certain time frame. The same should apply for emails from coworkers. If a team member has an urgent request, it should be addressed as soon as possible, even if it means responding to let them know you are working on it. Your language in these emails should also mirror your language to clients; using appropriate greetings, please, and thank you.
  • Dress to impress: We put on our best for our clients, whether that is our suit, smile, or attitude. Our co-workers deserve the same! Following your dress policy shows that you have respect for your company, and with that, respect for your coworkers. Answer the phone with a smile, regardless if it’s Karen your client or Karen from finance. Approach each internal interaction with the same positive attitude that you reserve for your clients.

When all else fails, follow the golden rule: treat others how you want to be treated! Practice the customer service you wish to receive (whether it is external or internal) and you’re bound to succeed!

Nicole Porter / Business Development Coordinator / PEO Canada

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