Do you have travel insurance?

It’s almost summer, the most frequent time for traveling and vacations. Many Canadians are considering sunny places or exotic countries as the best place for their destination. But as you’re deciding on the perfect destination you should also be checking if you are covered for any unforeseen incidents while traveling.

Do you have basic insurance to cover a medical emergency or even the loss of baggage?

Basic travel insurance can be purchased almost anywhere.  Most financial institutions and travel agencies offer this coverage. It is designed to protect you for trip cancellation and/or the loss of your luggage.

With the rewards of travel come possible unexpected medical challenges. The good news is that most group benefit plans offered through employment cover you for out of country medical emergencies. In conjunction with your provincial healthcare plan these Out of Country and Travel Assistance plans offer the protection you need by providing you with:

  • worldwide assistance
  • assistance communications network
  • medical advisors
  • assistance for unattended children
  • transportation reimbursement
  • medical evacuation
  • dependant medical assistance and much more

This offers peace of mind so you may enjoy your travels.

Have you already booked your next destination? Check your wallet for your Travel Assistance card; if you don’t have one or have misplaced it hurry up and contact your benefits administrator for a new one.

Have a nice trip!

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