Effective Communication and Payroll

Along with mathematical and technical skills, written and oral communication skills are essential to the payroll professional in today’s workplace.  Effective communication enables the payroll department to be legislatively compliant, increase productivity and create good working relationships with other departments within the business.


How is communication used by the payroll professional?

  1. It is used as an education tool to gain the support of other departments through communicating legislative requirement and deadlines.
  2. It is used to keep employees up to date on changes to payroll and benefits, which in turn typically increases overall morale.


5 ways you can improve communication

  1. Consider your audience – who are you sending the message to?
  2. Define the purpose of your message – are you trying to inform, advise, request or obtain information?
  3. Choose the best method of communicating your message – verbally, non-verbally or in writing
  4. Consider how the message will be received by your audience and be prepared
  5. Check to make sure you have included all necessary information

Lori Thackray / Payroll Specialist / PEO Canada

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