Effective Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Low morale can be a concern because it means that your workforce may not just be unhappy, but it also means employees are unlikely to be performing to their best capability. Some indications of low morale may include; low productivity, high turnover, and increased inter-personal conflicts. These are factors that could negatively affect highly skilled and engaged employees, which can be detrimental to the overall bottom-line of the organization. Even the most mundane of jobs can be appealing to people, if the systems and environment are set up to be inspiring. The highest levels of profitability and productivity come when there is high morale in the workplace.  High morale is the ultimate goal of any workplace and here are some key ways to effectively motivate employees.

Take time to creatively celebrate accomplishments.

Camaraderie within an organization can lead to higher employee morale and ensure that the most valued colleagues stick around for good. Whether it’s a compliment from upper management acknowledging the successful completion of a project, or a special thank you from a coworker for offering extra support on an extremely busy work day, this can really make it worthwhile for employees to contribute to the long term success of the company.

Mix up the company’s usual way of doing things.

Often times, organizations are too focused on maintaining the status-quo that they are often reluctant to mix things up and take a new age approach to doing things. For example, going paperless seems like the futuristic approach and obvious solution in today’s business world, however many organizations are still stuck and overloaded with paper. By adapting the new generation’s way of doing things you can catapult your organization by finding innovative and proactive ways to increase production. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Don’t forget to have fun.

Whatever organization you belong to, each company has its own unique culture to consider.  Whatever approach you adopt, remember to always sustain your usual standards for competence and professionalism, even when you’re having fun. A couple of easy ways to adapt fun into your environment could include;

Making light of stressful situations. Using humour as a way to destress with your coworkers can really help turn a bad situation into a positive learning experience.

Creating a tension release area. Whether it’s an empty office or a vacant meeting room, having a place allocated for employees and management, creates a safe atmosphere for everyone to gather as a group or to be alone. This establishes a place to recharge and regroup.

While making the effort to bring elements of fun into your work, always remember to continue taking your work seriously while taking yourself lightly.

Train employees to develop positive attitudes.

Creating great workplace attitudes is not just the manager’s job – it is everyone’s job. Both managers and employees must recognize the importance of attitude and take specific actions that will lead to a positive attitude. Most people with bad attitudes do not believe they have a bad attitude, and that’s why it’s incredibly important for everyone in the workplace to collectively demonstrate optimism, invite participation and encourage everyone. By creating a high energy workplace, negative influences that surround us each day will be easier to overcome. This requires team participation and the more open minded we are to our own attitudes the happier employees will be. Overall this will increase productivity in the workplace. Attitude is an inside job.

For more information on effective ways to boost morale please contact your PEO Canada HR Advisor.

Laura Livingston & Kim Trenchfield / HR Advisors / PEO Canada


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