Exciting Benefits Changes!

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I’m so happy to get the chance to tell you about some recent changes within our benefits!! Since the invention of insurance heath care coverage we have had 2 different statuses that you could enroll under, Single or Family. We are pleased to announce that we have introduced the new Plus1 coverage.
Plus1 coverage enables a couple or a single parent with one dependent to enroll in the same level of coverage they have experienced in the family status but with significant savings to the premiums. This could amount to 35-45% reduction in premiums for a simple change in category!
In our own business it resulted to 38% of our current family coverage changing over to the Plus1 category resulting in thousands of dollars saved each month. Everyone benefits….no pun intended!
Contact us today to find out more about this and the rates we can offer your team on benefits.

P.S. Did I mention that we passed along an 8% reduction on our overall premiums this year? That’s unheard of in the benefits world today….

Jeffery Reynolds / District Sales Manager / PEO Canada

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