Facts about Back Pain

While most of us may experience occasional aches and pains, for some, back pain can be more than a minor annoyance.

Lifting objects incorrectly, no matter how little they weigh, can make it that much worse. Likewise, sitting in the same position day in and day out, without giving your back muscles a chance to move and stretch, can lead to problems.

Here are some fact about back pain and injuries:

1. Up to 80% of adults will experience back pain

2. When lifting heavy objects, the best way to prevent back injury is to: Keep the natural curve of your back; Tighten your abdominal muscles; and Avoid twisting

3. When carrying heavy objects, the best way to protect your back from injury is to keep the item as close to you as possible.

4. When back injuries do occur, the best treatment is to continue normal activities as much as possible.

5. Most back injuries will heal completely.

6. Only about 2% of people with back pain or injuries will require corrective surgery.

7. Back injuries are just as likely to be caused by inactivity as too much lifting and strain. Building strength, endurance and performing cardiovascular exercises is the best way to protect your back.

8. Most people cannot pinpoint a specific injury that set off their back pain.

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