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Following Up With Clients

Onboarding clients is a unique process. It can be simple but more often than not, you may have to put serious effort into it, no matter what industry you are in. Some would think that after a contract is signed, the job is done and you can move on to the next prospective client. However, your relationship with the client shouldn’t end after the onboarding process is complete. It’s important to follow-up with your clients and continue a working relationship with them. This provides many benefits for them and your company.

You want to show your client that your goal is to help them achieve their business needs. You want to create a positive impact on the perception of your company.  

Keep in contact with your onboarded client, even if you do not have to interact with them regularly during day to day operations. Maintain your communication channels and invite the client to reach out to you should they have any additional questions. It makes the client more comfortable knowing that they have a friendly face to turn to if they need help. There is almost always a guarantee that onboarded clients will have follow-up questions. Emphasize that you want to make sure that you are able to assist with their needs so they can operate successfully.  

By keeping communication open and dealing with any issues that arise, you’re more likely to offer more to the client than what they initially signed on for. Depending on your industry, you may be able to upsell additional services to the already onboarded client, or cross-sell them on different services that your business offers. This is not only beneficial for their operations but adds revenue to your business too.  

Keeping this good rapport and providing optimal customer service shows to your client that you and your company are reliable and efficient. This encourages a positive outlook on the business overall, the client may even spread the word of your company and encourage others to onboard with you as well. Following up with client and preserving communications is beneficial for all parties and helps everyone continue to grow.

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