So you are getting push back on cost…

For some, they just get it right away.  For others, they must go through all the options and then weigh the pros and cons. It really is just part of their process to feel confident regarding the value. Respect the fact that your prospective client wants to review and engage. You might want to ask yourself whether you have listened. Does anything sound familiar? For example, are you recognizing some pain points that your existing clients initially came to you with? Ask yourself, have I been given adequate time to gather this information?  Finally and most importantly, have you even asked the very basic and simple question: “How can I help you?” It sounds obvious but sometimes you can get so caught up with target dates and conference lines; assumption really is your enemy.  Do you have a clear understanding of the areas your prospective client is currently experiencing their most pain? If you can answer the above questions with certainty, then be confident, firm, and don’t offer something that will set a precedent.  There is no need for you to run through how the pricing is structured, instead take the time to run through your service or product again.  Having a discussion about their specific pain and your solution will have a huge impact.  If you are confident, your prospective clients will be confident as well!

Christina Ramalho / Business Development Consultant / PEO Canada

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