How to Beat the Late Winter Blues

Everyone feels it, the effects of a long winter. Here are some tips that I find help beat the winter blues and continue the success of my sales goals.

Are you eating properly? Ensuring that you are eating a balanced diet that contains fruit and vegetables will give your body the needed nutrients to stay focused.

Introduce some exercise into your evening routine, that way you will wake up feeling refreshed and energized. You will be ready to tackle your goals and will feel revitalized!

Don’t just sit at your computer when you are developing your leads and game plans. Every hour, make sure to get up walk around. This will help to get your creativity flowing and give you the boost you need to continue with your cold calls.

Get out there and continue to develop sales leads, the best way to beat the February slump is to be successful! It will give you the confidence boost that will help you develop leads. Keep in mind that most people, by mid-February have had enough of winter as well. It will give you some common ground. Start off conversations with prospects talking about plans for the summer. Don’t ever complain but look forward, the last thing a client or prospect wants to hear is someone complaining.

Always stay positive, it’s good for you and your business!

Christina Ramalho / Business Consultant / PEO Canada

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