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How to Close a Sale and Keep Your Client Base Strong

So you have made the sale, how do you ensure you keep the client?  The key is in the customer service and keeping up with consistent points of contact.  Too many transitions and introductions over time make the client feel like they are not important. Some points below can help you keep that client and continue to grow your client base!

  • Get to know your support team. When a potential client can sense a genuine respect between team members, it gives them the confidence and you can close your sale!
  • Why not pull in some key support team members during your first round of discovery meetings? This provides your team with the opportunity to learn about your potential client’s specific needs. It’s never a bad idea to showcase the skills and expertise that prospects are looking for.
  • Transitioning a prospect to a client is a crucial part of the sales process! Remember they can still walk away! It is a great idea to have client onboarding calls, including the support team so the client can experience the interaction between team members. They still need to know they are a priority and are valued.
  • Introduce some key team members when the opportunity arises at conferences or at panel discussion events. This helps to re-inforce that team members actually communicate and leaves a great impression! You never know where your next prospect will come from.

Good luck with your continued success and remember to always be on the lookout. It is an exciting time, but the expectations are high. Your sale will close when a prospect sees value in utilizing your service and wants to work as a team.

Christina Ramalho / Business Development Consultant / PEO Canada

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