I found one!! Finding your sales gems!

Despite the failure of RIM and their Blackberry outage or the growing complexity of technology that seems to slow businesses down every time you read the headlines, and despite general labour shortages, strikes, and international turmoil, everywhere I go, when I ask sales driven organizations what their biggest issue is, it comes down to finding “good” sales people.

Like finding the magic beans, the golden goose, or the pot at the end of the rainbow, finding those special sales people who will drive your business forward is a bit of good luck and magic.

We put people through all kinds of personality testing and profiling and still we fail. Multiple levels of interviews and still people slip through the cracks that don’t make it. Why is that?

Because we think the magic is us! We think if we are smart enough, if we ask just the right questions, we can be the ones who find the superstars.

In short, I think we are fooling ourselves. Finding good reps is “hit and miss”. It takes using all of the tools you have, as I mentioned above. But, it also means putting in a plan of success and expectations. Making sure you are providing a proper balance of training and encouragement. Finally, it is holding that person who, when the final offer letter goes out, says “I am the person for your company and I will succeed”, and holding them accountable to what they say they will do. Work with them diligently through all of the hurdles they will surely face. And, then when you have done all of that, cross your fingers.

They have as much responsibility in making themselves successful as you do. And that’s why sales people get paid so handsomely – good to great ones really are “one in a million”.

Written by: Bill Leesman

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