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Increasing Employee Engagement

A core part of human resources management is being on top of employee engagement. Disengagement is a common risk, which is why it is important for leaders to identify signs of engagement versus disengagement and how to improve the latter.

Individuals engaged in their work may be optimistic, selfless and solution-oriented. They may go above and beyond what is expected of them and show a consistent passion for learning. When credited with praise, they pass that credit along to other team members. When they are in the wrong, they are accountable and accept constructive criticism.  

Disengaged individuals tend to be pessimistic, self-centered, negative and egocentric. They may exhibit high levels of absenteeism where they may be motivated by monetary gain. When credit is given, it is immediately accepted, however blame is passed along.

Fortunately, there are practices management can put in place to ensure all employees are and remain engaged at work. Talent management plays a huge part, where all employees should be placed in the right role that is suitable for them. From there, training and development is essential for new hires to thoroughly understand how to do their job efficiently and how it ties in to the company as a whole. This allows them to see their contributions are meaningful and creates a sense of community.

Once an employee understands their work duties, giving them autonomy can maintain engagement. This solidifies the trust between management and workers. Employee recognition may also remind individuals that they play a vital role towards the bigger picture. They feel valued and part of the team.

Management should also create a transparent work environment where all employees feel safe and can thrive. Offering learning opportunities and continuing education also proves that the company is invested in their employees. Regular feedback and check ins can ensure no signs of disengagement are missed, and management can get one step ahead of solving issues as they arise. This way, all employees can be engaged at work and help strive towards their own and the company’s success.

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