Issuing Records of Employment

Records of Employment, commonly referred to as ROE, are forms that are completed by employers for employees who stop working and/or experience an interruption of earnings. All insurable earnings are hours that are recorded on the ROE as well as the dates of employment and the reason the ROE is being issued.

These forms can be completed either manually or electronically. If your company is completing ROE’s in the paper format (manually) it is in triplicate. This means that there are three copies of the form, one is the original which goes to the employee, the second one is mailed to Service Canada and the third part is stored with the employer. The paper format is currently being phased out to reduce government and employer administration burdens.

If your company is using the electronic form, it is completed by the employer directly through ROE Web. The ROE Web is an efficient, dependable and secure way of issuing an ROE electronically. The major change to the Regulations of the Employment Insurance (EI) Act for employees, when the ROE Web was introduced in 2009, was that ROE’s were no longer required in a triplicate format. This means the when the ROE is issued on Service Canada’s web site it is done so in ‘real time’, there is no need to mail a copy to Service Canada and employers are no longer required to mail out copies to employees. All employees are able to visit “My Service Canada” on the web to create an account and download an electronic copy of their ROE. This process has helped to decrease the processing times for potential Employment Insurance claims as employees and Service Canada are able to begin the application process the same day the ROE is issued, rather then having to wait for a paper copy.

You can set up an account with “My Service Canada” at any time. Your ‘My Service Canada” account will also allow you to obtain a statement of Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) contributions and file for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits if needed.

Written by: Samantha Nagy

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