Make Yourself a Priority

Getting caught up in the routine of life’s demands and the stress of meeting expectations means we tend to forget about ourselves.  By putting yourself last, you could feel drained, exhausted, impatient, rushed, stressed, and tend not to live in the present moment.  We’re always anticipating the future, (theto do” list, the constant upcoming thoughts) while simultaneously thinking about the past.

Instead of BEING human, we have become a more automated version of DOING human.

Taking care of YOU first and foremost is essential to fulfill your day.  It provides the necessary energy and the power to take care of everything to the best of your ability.  When you don’t focus on yourself first, you get out of balance, and forget how to take care of others.

The following are some tools that can help you take care of yourself and rediscover your glow:

  • Meditating: being in silence, asking the universe for guidance to help you gain awareness of your mind, get re-centered and re-energize yourself by blocking negative thoughts
  • Creating a serene environment that will relax your body and mind by taking a bubble bath, lighting a candle, having a glass of wine, and listening to relaxing music.
  • Going for a relaxing massage
  • Reading a book by the fireplace or in nature
  • Going on an adventure or taking a vacation
  • Getting enough sleep so that you can wake up early and savor the tranquility of starting your day stress free
  • Exercising: going for a walk, being in touch with nature will make you feel rejuvenated and re- centered
  • Listening to a motivational positive speech
  • Setting boundaries and not feeling guilty when saying “NO”

In essence, realize that taking care of yourself and being in the present is not a selfish act, but a gift to your core SELF.

Marytsa Beuns / Bilingual Benefits Administrator / PEO Canada

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