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Making that Fourth Quarter Count; How to get Closer to your Year End Goals

 “Where are you at today for annual set goals?”  A question to ask yourself in order to set the plan in motion for the fourth quarter.  What will be some of the challenges heading into the fourth quarter? Finally, you will need to find creative ways to not get distracted by people taking vacations and encouraging these key prospects to speak with you.

As you sit down and review your targets don’t forget about the most important aspect, how will you be able to execute?  What plan do you have in motion to move you closer to your goals, execute and close your sale? People can get lost in the process and miss the most important ingredient – Execution. 

It is essential as you are going into the fourth quarter to review what has been working and what has not been helping you get to your year-end goals.  It is important to prioritize the top prospects that you want to focus on and ensure that you are still prospecting in order to fill up your pipe line for new opportunities in the future.

Reviewing your goals can help you prioritize and focus on closing sales, building relationships and completing projects. Which will get you excited about reaching these Goals!

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