New Year, New You!

Sedentary lifestyles are on the rise as our work hours get longer. We spend roughly 80% (on average) of our waking lives sitting.  At your desk, in your car, on your couch, you sit.  Researchers have said not even regular exercise will save you from the detrimental effects that resting on your laurels will provide.  Doctors have gone so far to say sitting is the new smoking.  Between the increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, higher cholesterol levels and being more prone to depression, what’s an office worker to do? has developed a handy, helpful and beautiful infographic loaded with tips on staying happy and healthy at the office.

Live Long & Posture(

For more information on the many studies conducted on sitting, visit any of the links below.


Sarah Gavigan / Business Development Coordinator / PEO Canada



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