New Year’s Resolutions – Success or…”not so much”??


How are you doing on your New Years Resolutions? Most of us begin each New Year with wonderful intentions to get fit, eat better, lose weight or, in general, attain a better level of wellness in our lives.


However, usually by this point, most of us have already faltered. We need to learn to take baby steps towards our goals and not to give up if we encounter a set back.


Wellness is multi-faceted: Physical, Mental and Emotional concerns all affect us each day. Since all of our body’s systems are connected, our family and social life, work environment and spirituality all play an important role in our overall wellness.


Increasing your Physical Wellness can start with simple activities such as a 10 minute walk, or taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator. Rather than force yourself to go to the gym, crank up your favorite playlist and start dancing and singing around the house. Remember the olden days and how we loved to skip? A skipping rope is an inexpensive and fun way to start getting some exercise. A more popular activity is to join your kids with the Wii fit and challenge each other. Make Fitness Fun! If we get accustomed to taking small steps to physical activity, we may start to enjoy the good effects and look to extend our activities and the length of time we are willing to commit. Our diet can also have a direct affect to physical wellness. Strive to eat a wide variety of food and abide by the rule – ‘everything in moderation’. Also, remember the other biggie – Drink lots of water and rehydrate your body.


Improving Mental Well-being by taking the time to enjoy lounging in a soothing bath, relaxing and losing yourself in a good book, or learning a few yoga techniques can go a long way to reducing stress and improving our body and soul. If you’re committed to making this year even better than last, your first step is to stop feeling guilty for doing the things you enjoy. What matters isn’t what you choose to do, but that it makes you feel good about yourself. Make time to let your mind wander – you never know where your dreams may lead. Daydreaming can relax the mind, boost productivity and allow you to consider a wide range of possibilities for yourself. Try a little reading, a little soft music – whatever makes you feel nurtured and relaxed. 


Emotions and well-being also go hand in hand. Getting in a good nights sleep can do wonders for your day.  Try getting to bed 30 minutes earlier every night for a week and see how the extra sleep affects your mood. If you are so lucky and have the time, try taking a nap. Make sure you don’t nap for much longer than 20 minutes or you’ll wake up groggy. Take your nap early in the afternoon so you don’t have trouble falling asleep at bedtime. Taking time for yourself is necessary but don’t forget that taking the time to connect with our loved ones will also reap rewards. Cuddle your kids, hug your spouse, and share some laughter.


We tend to take care of everyone else before we take care of ourselves. Let’s give ourselves a break and get back on track – one step at a time.


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