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Whether tackling a new project or simply performing a routine practice, it is best to always assess if you have the proper resources to complete the task. Evaluating what you have at your deposal and how you can use these resources is key to be successfully in your goal.

 The first step to complete while beginning a new project is to assess the resources you have at hand. This can be anything from materials and supplies you can use or any documentation and instructions at the ready. Once you have a realistic idea of what resources you have at your deposal, you can begin. It is best to not set goals outside your means; while doing so will not always equate failure to achieve your objective, it may result in a lack of quality or a miscommunication.

Working together with your team members can be an undervalued resource. They may find creative solutions to problems that you may not be able to discover on your own. They also may be able to procure other resources that you could not. Maybe the have past experience with your task and you can compare past work to present work. Perhaps they can assist you with the work load and prevent any feelings of being overwhelmed. Collaborating with and delegating parts of your project to others can be integral to achieving your current goal.

Now that your goal is completed, further assessment is needed. Did you have all the resources you needed to complete your task successfully? Is there anything that may make this process easier for your team in the future? If you discover that the answers to these questions are “yes, there is room for improvement”, take the initiative and create these needed resources in your spare time. This can be anything from making documentation that future users can review as an instruction guide on the process, organizing supplies or files so they are easily accessible, or even putting in an order for any materials needed for future successes. Have your team lead or a coworker go over these changes to see if they have any feedback to include.

Being prepared to take on whatever task or goal is set leads to greater successes and better team collaboration. Resource management is an essential facet to knowing what is possible to achieve and how to go beyond that.

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