Safety Tips for the Camping Season

After a lengthy winter, many of us will be anxious to get outdoors this long weekend.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when enjoying our great outdoors in the spring:

  • Spring rains, melting snow and frost make most spring weekends very wet, which means the land is more sensitive to off-roading. Keep vehicles away from stream banks, wetlands and wet trails.
  • Check and re-stock the first aid kit.
  • Safety on the highway:
    •  With more traffic on the road you are three times more likely to be involved in a motor vehicle collision than at any other time of year
    • Impaired driving costs – legal, financial, social consequences, and loss of life. Make the right decision for everyone. Don’t drive if you’ve been drinking or using drugs. Plan ahead with safe transportation.
  • Remember the sun? UV rays can be high even on a cloudy day, so remember drink plenty of fluids, wear a hat and put on sunscreen.
  • If you’re camping on public land, Please leave it the way you found it!!
    • Dispose of sewage, garbage, and unwanted equipment properly instead of leaving it.
  • You can expect to see patrols on our highways, waterways as well as off road      trails.
  • See your local government website for current updates on things like road closures, fire bands, recent wildlife reports and rules for motorized vehicles for your area.

Have fun! Stay Safe!

Pat Olson / WCB Specialist / PEO Canada

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