Travel Medical Coverage

Christmastime often means travelling with family and friends, and it is important to ensure that proper healthcare coverage is part of your pre-trip planning. Most employer sponsored benefit plans include emergency medical assistance that provides coverage when you and/or your dependents are travelling. These plans provide coverage for emergency medical assistance and it is important to understand the coverage you have before you leave. In order to be prepared you should contact your plan administrator when preparing for a trip out of province. The plan administrator can provide details of your coverage and the contact information for the insurance company should you need assistance.

In the event of an emergency when medical attention is required it is important to contact the insurance company as soon as possible to coordinate with the care facility and guarantee that the services you receive are properly processed. As with all insurance options, not everything will be covered and most travel assistance programs do not provide trip cancellation or baggage loss coverage; this type of coverage is best obtained through alternative insurers.

If travelling out of country it is best practice to check with your insurance company to confirm that your destination is included in the list of locations they cover; this way additional insurance protection can be purchased before departure if required. As with all holiday travel it is best to be prepared so that time away can be enjoyed.

Happy holidays and safe travels from PEO Canada!

Marytsa Beuns / Benefits Administrator / PEO Canada


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