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Understanding Service Needs Before Providing Solutions

It’s time to present your service solution and pricing to a prospect! It is a very exciting part of a sales cycle, but before you present slow down and ask yourself: do you understand your prospect? Does your potential future client feel that you do know exactly what they are looking for? It is key to go through a check list internally to ensure you are presenting the appropriate solution.

You should know the answers to the following questions before getting ready to close the deal:

  • What is the prospect’s problem or issue? Often, the prospect is aware of their own issues, but wants to make sure that you are aware of them too. By answering this in your sales pitch you are gaining credibility.
  • What is the most important problem and why? Prospects may come to you with multiple problems or issues. Find out what their most immediate need is and why, then focus your attention on that.
  • What is the desired outcome? Now that you know the problem and why, it’s time to show that you understand what kind of outcome the prospect is looking for. It’s important to know what their end goal is.
  • What are potential solutions? Whenever possible try to give the prospect a couple of different solutions that address their primary problem. This will show that you are in tune to the prospect’s needs.
  • What are the probable results? You have now successfully given them a set of solutions, but don’t forget to highlight what the results will be with each of the choices you have given them.
  • Why are we the right choice? Remember that your service is not the only solution for their problems. The prospect should know and understand why they should be partnering with your service specifically. Failure to do that may result in being judged solely on the price of the service, and not on what the value that the service will provide.

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