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Updating Client Information

The day-to-day processes of your business can be disrupted when client information is not kept up to date. It is best to have regular reviews of such materials as it only takes one miscommunication to a client to cause confusion. To maintain a professional and reliable relationship with your company’s patron, the process of updating client information should start internally.

The first step to updating client information is to look at your past communication logs with your client. These logs might include phone calls, emails, or physical documents. There may be conflicting communications that you have received from different client contacts, so it is best to make notes of all communications so that these contradictory records can be brought up with the client later on. Check any internal reference documents that you use for any errors and update them as you go. Once your records have been looked over and assessed, you should reach out to your fellow coworkers for their input.

Consulting with other departments that you might not have daily communication with will also be a great resource when reviewing client data. They might have a different perspective it what needs to be discussed with the client, or if any procedures done for the client can be simplified. Different colleagues might have different records they received from the client as well and you may need to update information further. It is best to keep all team members aware of all changes so that no one is misinformed.

Now that your team is all on the same page, set up a meeting with client to go over what information needs to be verified, and what changes to processes should be updated. The meeting should be held with those contacts that have levels of authority so that you can adjust and action items immediately. Again, having multiple perspectives from the client helps with generating new ideas and clarify any contradictory information.

You can now edit any internal documents that need to be changed, and update colleagues that could use the information you have agreed with the client. Since this data has be adjusted, it is now easier to stay up to date with any changes that may be sent in by the client. It is good practice to touch base at least once per quarter to ensure that information is being kept up to date, and doing so may help you prepare for any larger changes coming up in the future.

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