What are your sales professionals selling?

In times of tougher sales, those moments when clients are not jumping the queue to buy your service, what is your sales team selling? Are they constantly looking for negotiating with you to provide a better discount for their prospective clients?

This appears to be a growing trend with many sales teams, particularly those new to the career that is sales. The trap many fall into is believing their prospects will only buy based on the “best price”. They believe the marketing that we are bombarded with by big retailers who focus on low price and big volume.

That methodology works fine if you are in the business of discounting your service or product. But for those living in the world of quality and service over quantity, this thinking is a short term win over long term success.

The minute your first thought as a sales rep is to provide savings or “better pricing” for your client, you sacrifice the integrity of your business. You have now de-valued what you are selling in the eyes of your best clients. You are telling them you do not believe in what you are selling and the value your organization brings to the table.

Conversely, you have taken that value away from your best clients and given it to clients who will never be loyal as long as there is anyone out there that will sell cheaper.

If you believe in your organization and the quality of its service or product, you serve it best by learning the true value you are bringing to the negotiating table. Educate yourself on the best way to show that value to your clients and prospective clients.

Does that mean you will never get push back from clients?

No. If the people you are talking with are doing their jobs, they will have to push back to ensure they are receiving the best value for their organizations.

So expect the questions regarding price. But, recognize the difference between those looking for the cheapest item in the market and those looking for the best value and return on their purchase.

Get really good at recognizing that difference and at explaining your company’s value prop. But, more importantly, become an expert at recognizing potential good to great long term clients from those looking for the cheapest solution at your expense.

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