Why Outsource?

Whether you are looking to start operations for the first time in Canada, looking to acquire a business in Canada, or looking to grow an existing business in Canada. Here are some questions you should be asking to determine whether outsourcing is the right answer for you.

Do you have a dedicated person on your team that is keeping an eye on changing trends in the Canadian Labour Laws? This person will need to be trained in Human Resources and has the resources to be on top of this ever changing environment. The goal is to protect you and to have an employee base that is content and will continue to perform to the top of their ability.

Do you have a CRA Payroll Account and if you are operating in the province of Quebec do you have a Quebec Revenue Account? It is essential that you have these accounts set up to pay roll and employee as you want to ensure that all Government Burdens are up to date. Penalties will grow and you will want to ensure this is set up to mitigate your risk here in Canada.

Do you have the right resources to either start or continue the growth of your business venture? Some of those resources include a team that can provide a Benefit Plan and RSP policy to your Canadian Employees. There are expectations that need to be met to not only attract but to maintain staff that are essential to growth and success here in Canada.

Have you thought about Worker’s Compensation coverage?   As an employer in Canada, it is important to have coverage to mitigate your risk. When operating under your own business number, you are subject to the premiums within your Industry and job description of your employees.  This coverage mitigates your risk if an injury occurs on the work site.

The support of your infrastructure in Canada is a key component to success and growth, a unified team can provide the expert service that is necessary for success. So if you have answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to look to outsource support.  Maybe it is time to see what outsourcing is all about?

Christina Ramalho / Business Consultant / PEO Canada

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