Why Outsourcing Human Resource Services during the Economic Downturn Makes Sense

The current economic climate is affecting us all.  Here are some great reasons to think about outsourcing Human Resource services, right now:

Focus on Your Core Business

Many companies have reduced their staff to reduce costs. Downsizing means that those remaining employees must share more responsibilities, which can help to create efficiencies but can also generate pressure on those who remain. Outsourcing a business’s administrative Human Resource functions can alleviate some of this pressure and free up resources so they can focus on growing your business when the economy turns around.

Continuity of Human Resource Functions

Outsourcing HR services enables a lean organization to continue to utilize the expertise of an HR department, without the added costs of employing them internally. Additionally, outsourcing HR functions allows a smaller organization to access the same level of HR support that would normally only be available to larger organizations.

Managing Costs and Mitigating Risk

For international companies moving into Canada, the low value of the Canadian dollar is an extra benefit. Outsourcing HR functions makes good sense in terms of cost and the mitigation of risk. Your external HR department will keep you compliant with Canadian legislation regarding payroll and employment standards.

Flexibility When the Economy Turns Around

Human Resource outsourcing allows you to quickly respond by focusing your hiring efforts on activities that will enable your business to successfully expand and meet the demands of an economic recovery.


Mary Jane Burchell / Business Consultant / PEO Canada

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