Why Outsourcing Makes Sense

It’s mid-summer and fall is just around the corner. Many small businesses are beginning to think about their strategy for the New Year. It’s not that far off, and it’s a good idea to begin planning for it now. Where would you like to see your business go and what is the best way for you to get there? Take a look at your internal processes and see what is working efficiently and what is not.

It may be a good time to explore outsourcing some of those processes that are not efficient. If you have employees who wear many hats, as many small businesses do, it may be more efficient and cost effective to outsource some of their tasks to allow them to focus on activities that will help to grow your business.

One area that causes small businesses headaches is payroll and all of the time consuming administrative tasks associated with it. Outsourcing to a full service payroll company will allow you to free up your time to concentrate on your bottom line and on ways to improve it, while someone else focuses on your payroll. It will also provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you are up to date and accurate with your remittances to Canada Revenue Agency and Workers’ Compensation. A full service payroll provider will also prepare all of your T-4’s and reconcile your year-end accounts in a timely manner, keeping your employees and the government happy.


Mary Jane Burchell / Business Consultant / PEO Canada

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